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Thu Apr 12 Tokyo: Here is a new topic for Mike's new facebook group LoL lets get some more images out there of his facebook group. March edited March LoL just the sheep he wants to sheer Biggest loser in bins ever Michael Freeman I come from a half Jewish binary options trading home facebook, also a half Nazi family and yes family dinners are great fun!

Let me say that there are Jews out there most of them that are honorable hard working good people that don't go around screwing others! As well they don't think badly of themselves but rather are proud of their heritage. My uncle has to travel to Israel all the time and he complains over and over about how corrupt and backwards they are there.

So my impression of them is they are like a odd version of Hebrew Hillbillies with computers in Israel haha But don't blame being a douchebag binary options trading home facebook being Jewish you tard! Also other middle eastern countries are just as corrupt business wise so its not just Israel alone I am told.

Israeli hookers to note are very expensive and will charge 3x the going rate btw. I think I need to sue him for my money back!!! Can't believe this guy, I wish I could report this Jewish hillbillie to the authorities Actually he made it very easy to find him and where his apartment is located right across from where he works out in Israel and by his view i could even with a little more digging give you his apartment lol.

Honestly no need he is just a scam marketer. I bet he would scream like binary options trading home facebook little girl as he started running away haha. Note he plans to do this again look at what he is saying in the pict below! He believes most of his members deserve to lose and how he plans on going back to scam them with another AutoTrader!

Will have a live interview with Lee Oshea next week to talk about how he helped Mike create the group and then kicked him out when he was done using him These articles should be useful to everybody! The dick says he lives in LA. Just wish we can stop him or at least warn people against him.

The less people join and support him the less he will make on his scams Thanks for the info though: No he lives in Tel Aviv I even know the apt building he lives in lol.

He is not very smart overall Now that will be an extremely binary options trading home facebook live interview. At first I respected him a lot. When i first joined his FB group I got kicked out because I binary options trading home facebook questions about his auto trader. I emailed to him and his PA told me to sign up for a new FB account and she'll be able to add me in and so I did and now again i got kicked out without reasoning and this time I was even insulted.

What kind of professional behavior is this? Worse still is the admin rene's reply when I asked about it. As in all I wanted to know was the rationale of why i got kicked out without being given a reason. I mean I would accept any reasonable explanation but such replies are really screwed up.

Below is the message that I sent to rene to ask him to pass it on to Mike. I received a message just a few hours back that I was kicked out of the group in the most unprofessional and uncivilized way.

There were only insults and no explanation of what sort and no chance of further clarification as he blocked me as well. This behavior is very unbecoming of a person especially since I respect him as a professional with many years of Binary Options under his belt. I'm writing to you not to appeal but rather I would really appreciate it that you could pass this on message to him. It would be good if he could actually drop me a more professional explanation.

I was banned earlier from the group without any explanation when Rohan and Aditya were still admins. I emailed him and his admin binary options trading home facebook suggested that I create a second FB account for me to get in. I apologize again for taking up your time and I hope you can pass on this message to him. One thing that's true is that i WAS binary options trading home facebook sheep.

I followed whatever Mike recommended. Now that I am enlightened, I wish for everyone who is want to join into Mike's FB group or even be affiliated with mike, please think twice and do your own due diligence.

For me professionalism and attitude comes first. I'm not the type that would be insulting people's loved ones but god I hope his kid won't grow up like his dad. Sorry for the rant guys, just had to let out some binary options trading home facebook Signed up for an account to post this binary options trading home facebook i think i'll stick binary options trading home facebook awhile.

The poor guy binary options trading home facebook nucking futs so just stay away from all things mike. Just be glad you are not him and move on to more positive places. Season ending on "The Walking Dead" by the way rocked! Yea what a crazy person. I was clearing through my emails and i saw several FB posts in the group just before he kicked me out.

Just so binary options trading home facebook everyone would be clear the more threads the better - Michael Freeman is not a professional trader. I must be honest in saying that he scams very well. There is nothing more to him. I doubt it if he can even get an erection let alone be with any woman. Well, maybe binary options trading home facebook the ones he pays for. Unknown - I know how it feels to be insulted by Mike the scammer, he sent me pretty sick emails when I emailed to tell him that he was a scam.

But as Lotzofbotz suggests its best to stay away - not only is he a psychopath, he is NOT a professional trader, I learnt the hard way by joining his auto trader. He will see his day I doubt he will be around for much longer Those that pop up are quickly discarded.

Yea I signed up for his auto trader too previously. I can post up my total results as well pretty shitty. Happy to join the club man. Wow Botz, you are not going to believe what is happening in Rohan and Aditya's group right now. If we weren't talking about Freeman, I would say it's April Fool's April edited April There's always fools, does not matter what month it is.

I am game tell me what happened now? Aditya and Rohan going back to his group After Freeman tore them to pieces and offered to pay his remaining members to report Aditya's group, he proceeded to contact and threaten all of the new group's followers.

Two binary options trading home facebook later, Aditya and Rohan announce that they are moving back to Freeman's group even after he was caught admitting to having that group just to scam the people in it.

My guess is he paid them as I am sure these two had a price. I am pretty sure they will dupe Michael again seems they are just trying to get paid using him now. Wow hilarious why did you remove the pictures of the conversation though? What will be even funnier is if both Aditya and Binary options trading home facebook learn the fact that Michael no matter how many complaints he files can't get them removed from facebook just because he does not like them lol omg its sooo funny!

Removed them because there were a lot of names there. Just out of respect for the innocent, hehe. I can pm them to you if you need em.

Haha im actually in Aditya's group and then the day after I got invited in, they announce that they are going back to mike lol I wonder if all the drama is actually preplanned since mike is such a good marketer. You can't blame them they are likely lacking financially so they need Mike's tit to suck as what you see in their trading is likely demo accounts. In time they will steal his members for their trading room once they make enough connections lol.

Birds of a feather They might have been scared of his threats which are like a 5 year old screaming about running away from home haha. Once they figure they out that he can't get their room banned they will bounce with as many of his members as possible Which is going to drive MIKE insane so what mike will do is look for new traders to replace them but same thing will happen binary options trading home facebook When members of his group confronted Aditya about the degree turn two days after carrying the banner of independence and after the battle cry "They can take our land but they'll never take our freedom!

That they were moving back for love of the fallen heroes they had left behind the poor fools still in Mike's group. It's just the blind leading the blind over there They spent two days preaching about how Mike was stealing from his binary options trading home facebook with proof of his scamming ways that is now all over the internet and then somehow convince their money hungry and slightly desperate members that it's not only ok to go back to being scammed, but that they are going to get paid with the same money Mike stole from these same members.

Song binary options trading home facebook ice and fire, man Binary options trading home facebook than a game of thrones episode.

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