Data Structure - Linked List

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Insertion, Deletion and Searching are widely used elucidate in detail about types of linked list and binary tree traversals. Searching in a linked list is linear. Given the head, finding an element elucidate in detail about types of linked list and binary tree traversals be sequential and of course that takes O n. Unfortunately, there is no better way. Insertion and Deletion takes O 1 time if done at the head, but they do take O n time when the operation is to be performed at the other end of the linked list.

This is where modifications are required to achieve O 1 universally. Keeping various modifications into consideration. With a head pointing to the first node and a NULL in the reference part of last node singly linked list consists of two parts, Data part and Next part. Next refers to a pointer that points to the next node. Data is the information holder for the node.

In all the posts of linked list, explanations are provided assuming Singly linked list unless specified. It is almost like Singly linked list, but in a circular linked list, last node will point to the first node, whereas in a singly linked list the value is NULL. Therefore, the whole list can be traversed again and again as required.

However, detecting the end of the singly linked list is pretty straight forward that is list becomes finally NULL, but in a circular linked during traversing each node is compared with the head pointer and if it is equal it means that the entire list is traversed. Backward traversing is still not possible because we do not have any way to reach to the previous node but related operation can be performed.

Deleting the element 20 will take O n. Unlike other linked lists it consists of three parts, two parts as contained by Singly linked list i. Prev part of the node. Backward traversing is possible any time as required.

This one is able to achieve O 1 running time in almost all cases. Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared. Share this to motivate us to keep writing such online tutorials for free and do comment if anything is missing or wrong or you need any kind of help. Keep Learning… Happy Learning.

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