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I hope this is a April Fool's joke but it isn't. I tested my contest strategy, which has been running fine for almost a year, but is now failing left jforex api version right. Even though this is only happening jforex api version the DEMO platform the LIVE platform is a stable release and is running fine at the momentthe fact that they published a buggy version for us developers as guinea pigs is upsetting.

JForex developers are clients too, after all. There is still the question of what to do with the multiple return types from the calculations.

Other indicators like Jforex api version Oscillator returns a two-dimensional array. And some other ones return three or more dimensional arrays. Java doesn't allow overloading a method with multiple return jforex api version, as the program wouldn't know what to expect. So how can we get rid of coding mess like this in our JForex strategy? It's up to the programmer to know what to expect from the call and cast the Object into something useful.

Obviously, this is a recipe for programming headaches and runtime errors. Having said this, one of the biggest benefits of JForex is that it uses a standard programming language like Java. So if there's something that you don't like about jforex api version API, you can probably change it e. In any case, I'm sure other Java programmers have faced this problem before and have come up with good solutions for it. A search on stackoverflow. My guess is that this require leveraging the knowledge about the program structure.

We know in jforex api version what dimension of the calculation result we can expect based on the indicator itself, jforex api version I can use something like a Command pattern to choose a calculation sub-routine and then return a Map object with named jforex api version I have yet to try implementing this.

I am open to design suggestions to encapsulate jforex api version return values through a single interface. So that any indicator bean can use the same calculation interface with an easy to use output. In the mean time, getting multi-dimensional indicators jforex api version through JFUtil 2. One of the most gripping problems with JForex is its use of technical analysis TA indicators. Here's an example of using an exponential moving average, one of the most simplest indicators.

However, for the case of IIndicators, if you take a look at its javadocyou will only be jforex api version to more confusion by the hundred or so mysterious indicator methods with cryptic parameter names. In JForex API, if you want to calculate an indicator, you need to look through a long list of abbreviated method names in the javadoc.

Many of which are not easy to decipher. Secondly, you need to figure jforex api version the generic parameters and set them correctly, which is different for almost every indicator. Lastly, as there is no standard interface for indicators, you need to hardcode these into your strategy with little flexibility. In contrast, here's the same call using JFUtil 2. It has notably more lines of code. It is designed deliberately so using an object oriented approach by encapsulating the indicator parameters into a bean object and abstracting the calculation into a single generic function call.

For example, a moving average will be MovingAverage. Then you set the indicator-specific parameters using clearly defined methods with useful javadoc descriptions.

One method for one parameter. Lastly, you feed this indicator bean into a generic calculation function to get your value. It took some thinking to abstract and generalize such a rigidly structured API. I am quite pleased with this new design as the current JFUtil opens up a lot of design flexibility.

Such as dynamic indicator selection with genetic algorithm and interchangeable indicators use for runtime adaptive jforex api version. Rather than talk about how much better JFUtil 2. Download the latest JFUtil from the project page. As this is an alpha release, I need your help in finding bugs and look for improvements. Leave me a message if you have any comment or suggestion please. It's best if you copy and paste the following demo strategy source code into your IDE or text editor for viewing.

Paul Lam Engineering Social Impact. Posted 01 April in journal. Posted 29 March in algorithmic-trading. Posted 22 March in algorithmic-trading. Usage demo jforex api version ; Printer. Builder labelinstrumentIEngine. Posted 08 March in algorithmic-trading.

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