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It allows regular communication with satellite offices and disperses information such as the morning market report to traders and brokers.

A Hoot and Holler network is also used to talk to clients and shout orders to the trading just trade brokerage and dispatch.

Today, a typical brokerage firm has several of these networks for each business group, Equities, Retail, and Bonds. While effective, this form of technology is being replaced with Internet-based communications that offer cheaper, more efficient and more reliable options for companies to consider.

They could no longer rely on their older, outdated analog Hoot system. While fully just trade brokerage and dispatch, the equipment was no longer being manufactured just trade brokerage and dispatch supported. VoIP phone systems work over the Internet by sending and receiving voice signals that are packaged as data. These consoles allow users to communicate with four pre-programmed user groups at the touch of a button. Thirty-three individual units were distributed to six branch offices throughout the Midwest and New York NY.

This was accomplished at a fraction of the cost of other options with low maintenance costs going forward. Our Analog system was at the end of its useful life and parts were no longer available with reliability and maintenance an issue.

The on-going Analog Circuit costs were also a major factor for the change. So we chose the ETC system because it would give us a great ROI by utilizing our existing Data Network and at the same time give us the reliability of equipment that we needed.

Flexibility Analog systems do not offer much flexibility while VoIP systems can be easily reconfigured to new employees, support new product lines and easily add new business units. Additionally, VOIP just trade brokerage and dispatch easily accommodate employees working remotely.

Greater Reliability Using a VoIP system eliminates down time related to phone company network problems and the new VoIP systems requires significantly less maintenance than the older analog systems. This feature allows voice interaction which facilitates negotiation and immediate feedback. Currently the trend in the financial service industry is a moving away from traditional hardware based analog systems and a moving toward VoIP based solutions.

Digital communications is rapidly becoming the new standard. The VoIP phone systems are easy to install, highly functional and extremely cost effective. The VCC-3 Consoles provides the user several accessory choices on how the user would want to just trade brokerage and dispatch. The choices are a built-in Gooseneck Microphone, Mono Plantronics headset, Stereo Plantronics headset and if requested a wireless Plantronics headset.

It has been reported that the VCC-3s made life so much easier for the console operators that they would not have used the dispatch just trade brokerage and dispatch without them. Whether the audio signal is routed to the two desk top speakers or to a stereo headset, the operator has a choice. Each channel receive audio volume which can be individually adjusted in either the headset or speakers.

The left channel is just trade brokerage and dispatch Monitor of a non-working radio channel and the right channel is the Working channel. Each channel has its own LED indicator that flashes on receive activity and intensity. When wearing a headset, the last thing a user wants is to have to remove it, just to take a telephone call.

ETC solves this problem with push of a button. VCC-3s are slowly gathering acceptance in the Console world because of the flexibility they provide the Console Operator.

Altus is the training command for the Strategic Airlift employing C-5s, Cs transport aircraft and the KC air refueling aircraft.

Essential Trading Systems Corp. Further, the CS mini SIP console offers users a product that can be maintained by the VoIP infrastructure and at times provides a more useful experience than multiple portable radios on a desk. Over the years, Essential Trading Systems Corp. First is the VG Unicast to Multicast gateway. This VG is a reliable, secure and very versatile product and can be set to as a Unicast Bridge or a Unicast to Multicast gateway. The CS Multicast Microphone uses industry standards so it is capable of subscribing to 4 simultaneous multicast addresses and ports that are generated by an Ethernet switch.

This partnership will help customers of Avtec to have access to an affordable dispatch option for users in aviation, transportation, utilities, public safety, business, etc. ETC upgrades Robert W. For years, Robert W. Published November 9, For over 40 years the financial services industry has relayed time sensitive information using the Hoot and Holler system.

ETC solves the problem of an outdated analog-based Hoot and Holler system. We are happy not to have the ongoing monthly analog phone costs associated with our old system.

Cost Savings Our customer no longer faced monthly fees for dedicated phone lines — The Bank had been paying the phone company for separate leased-lines to transport their hoot and holler to remote branch offices. They avoided just trade brokerage and dispatch costs typically associated with analog systems such as configuration, installation, upgrades and maintenance. Published April 16, Published January 16, Just trade brokerage and dispatch July 26, Published July 15, This year in marks 30 years of inventing Hoot n Holler products for the Financial Services vertical market.

Published July 12, Published June 28, Published June 26, Published June 3,

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